Meet the Team

Maura Allard & Company serves Massachusetts and New Hampshire and brings a set of diverse backgrounds and proven success to their roles. The team has first-hand knowledge of the local markets, communities, neighborhoods and all the area has to offer.

Meet Maura

Just over 8 years ago I decided to turn my dream of being a real estate agent into a reality.

As a real estate agent, I leverage my 20+ years of communication skills as an Office Manager, my negotiation skills from raising my two sons, my love of the North Shore & Southern New Hampshire, and my passion for helping clients accomplish their real estate goals.

What started as a dream has become an exciting and successful career. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!

Meet the Team

Chris Carnevale Realtor

Chris Carnevale, Realtor MA & NH

Chris has vast experience working in client-facing roles. He always knew he wanted to work with people, but the pandemic solidified a change, for the better, in his career path. When asked why he decided to get into real estate he stated, “I was an assistant restaurant manager when the pandemic hit. I took a leave and decided to try real estate. (It was the) best decision I have ever made along with marrying my beautiful wife and getting Lasik surgery.”

A few fun facts about Chris:

  • He speaks Italian.
  • He met his wife while on vacation in Ireland in 2004.
  • He’s ambidextrous.

Connor Hayes, Realtor MA

Connor is a result-driven, Massachusetts Licensed Realtor eager to continue developing his skills and job knowledge in the field. He began his professional career and is eager to see what lies ahead. He enjoys digging into new opportunities and finding ways to capitalize on them by any means necessary. After working in retail and sales for over 9 years, he finally found his calling with Real Estate. He attributes his early successes to the amazing people and mentors he has met along the way.
A few fun facts about Connor:
  • He’s an identical twin.
  • He loves to travel around the world.
  • His family and friends are very important to him and he is constantly surrounded by both.
Joanna Payne Real Estate Operations Manager

Joanna Payne, Real Estate Operations Manager

Joanna started working in an office setting for her family’s business when she was just 13-years-old! Through this experience, she learned how to run an office and bookkeep at a young age. She has always worked in some capacity as an assistant and she enjoys working with people and helping others. Joanna found something special in Maura when she decided to look for a new job. She says, “I really like Maura’s positive energy. She seems eager and excited for new possibilities, and I feel like I can learn a lot from her.”
A few fun facts about Joanna:
  • She loves the snow and looks forward to a good snowstorm!
  • She likes to cook.
  • She can always be found listening to music and especially enjoys the 80s.